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August 8th - 11th



Camp On The Boulder

3916 Main Boulder Rd
McLeod, MT


Registration starts on 

Thursday at 3:00 P.M.





Yaseer Handall

(909) 379-4850

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-RESTORE 2024-


Arise Native American Ministries wants to present our next family camp this summer near Billings, MT. Our goal for this camp is to ask God to help us be restored in different areas of our lives. We select different speakers from across the country and from different backgrounds so that we can accomplish the goal to see our lives, families, ministries and communities be restored to the abundant life that Jesus promised us. (John 10:10)


We have different activities that will help us to unite families and provide opportunities to connect with other Native American ministers from across the country.

This camp will be at Camp on the Boulder, which sits right off of the Boulder River in the Gallatin National Forest in a beautiful location that refreshes you.

All of our campers are responsible for their travel expenses and the cost of camp.


The cost of camp will be $100 per person, ages 3 and up. Arise does not want the cost of camp to be an obstacle to attend  so Arise is offering assistance in this way. Families will be responsible to pay for the first three people and Arise will cover the cost of the rest of your family.


If you would like this assistance, please send an email to: with a list of your family attending camp. You will receive a code for the members of your family that Arise will be covering the cost. 


Space is limited. We ask that if you are unable to come, to please cancel ahead of time by July 18, 2024 or you will lose your registration costs. This also opens up space for others to be able to register.


Thank you for considering coming to this camp, we hope to see you soon.



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