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The Handall Family is comprised of pastors: Yaseer and Monique who met in 1997 in a Maya-Tzeltal community in Chiapas, Mexico. Their journey eventually led them to the US were they had their two sons. Aidan and Aharon.


As a family, they pastored a Spanish-speaking congregation in the city of San Bernardino City, CA for nine years. In 2010, they received their call to serve the Native American tribes.


They are now dedicated to empower native men, women and youth to become leaders in their own communities and beyond. 

Yaseer and Monique are involved in planting training centers that will be facilities on tribal land where Native Americans can intern short-term or long-term.


Guest pastors and teachers will be invited to teach and help implement the “Operation Solid Lives” and “Perspectives” programs as well as job skills and youth programs.

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